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T R A D E   B O N U S !

For every individual game that you sell or trade in at gamebase, will will automatically enter you inro our monthly Gamebase Prize Draw.  You don't have to do anything as we will track your entry through your account and announce winners on our social media pages.  Happy Trade'in!.


Get a good price and a prompt service by trading-in your games for cash online at gamebase.­co.­uk.  Our team are always checking our competitors trade/cash prices to ensure we remain more competitive, however if you find a better quote please get in touch and we will respond as quickly as we can.

Our trade guarantee means we perform a final check* before giving payment for your goods to ensure we are still offering the best cash/trade prices.

Cash payment for your items will be sent to you by bank transfer, Paypal or cheque (depending on the option you choose) as quickly as possible.

Our accounts office usually issue payment within 7 to 10 days (Monday to Friday) after the items are received at our warehouse and be with you the same day or shortly after (depending on the payment method selected).

* Checks against Game and CEX websites.

Remember:  We have always given even more on our trade-in values to enable you to post the games to us and still get better values than you would elsewhere. BUT we now also offer a FREEPOST option (as long as your trade contains a mobile or at least 2 items and has a total value over £5 - per FREEPOST label used).

How do you sell your games at

It’s simple...

  1. Search for the game you want to trade in by typing one or two words in the search box or scanning the product barcode.
  2. Click the Get CASH button (after checking the condition of your game).
  3. Repeat for each game.
  4. Once all your trade-ins are entered click the red basket at the top right of the screen and you will be taken to the check-in.
  5. Complete check-in, selecting how you would like to be paid (Paypal*, Cheque or Bank Transfer) and filling in your details carefully.
  6. If your cash order contains 2 or more items and has a total value over £5 you can use our FREE Royal Mail tracked service.
  7. If your trade-in contains less than 2 items or is valued under £5 you can post your games to us at the address below. (with your cash-in number written in the address).

Gamebase (Cash-In # _ _ _ _ _ )
47 Castle Street
CT16 1PT

Payment is complete once all products have been check and received.

Please package your games safely and make sure they are well protected to ensure they will not be damaged in transit, we cannot be held responsible for any damage and this could reduce the trade-in price we can offer.

We advise that you use our Free Tracked Service or post your parcel by Recorded delivery and keep the tracking information in a safe place. Alternatively you could get a postal certificate from the post office which is free of charge and insures your package for £30.

Once the package have been received your order status will show as "In Process". Your items will then be examined by our processing team. Within 36 hours of the games arriving at our warehouse (not including Sunday or Bank Holidays) the details will then be forwarded to our payments team.

The details will then be double checked and payment forwarded to you by your preferred method. The accounts department will send you a confirmation email at this point.

Overall payment should always be issued within 10 working days of the item arriving with us as promised.

Please note once payment is made the transaction is final and you cannot request return of items or send anything extra to add to the order.

IMPORTANT: Our Trade in for CASH Terms & Conditions

  1. Prices given are valid for 7 days. Your trade-in must be posted to us within that time to get the quoted values.
  2. Only UK Pal versions of games can be traded-in. Imports will have their value reduced at our discretion.
  3. Disc based games can only be traded in their original cases.
  4. PC games can not be accepted.
  5. £1 per disc will be deducted from any trade-in values if the processor decides the disc needs to be repaired to meet Gamebase’s standards for sale.
  6. Faulty items will not be accepted and will be returned to the customer at their own expense or destroyed.
  7. Other damage or missing parts not already covered in check-in will result in the trade-in value being lowered accordingly (you cannot later send in any missing parts).
  8. The trade-in processor’s decisions regarding trade-in game(s) condition and subsequent reductions are final. Only completely rejected items can be returned to sender (at their expense),
  9. Only 1 copy of any title can be traded-in or cashed-in by each customer/­household. Additional copies will have the value given reduced at our discretion.
  10. Consoles, Apple or peripherals etc. sent to us without their box will have their value reduced by 15% or similar.
  11. You must be at least 16 years of age to use the trade-in facility.
  12. Currently trade-ins can only be accepted from our UK customers, please contact customer services for details.
  13. You are strongly advised to obtain a free proof of postage certificate from your post office before shipping (or to send using Recorded Delivery or use our Freepost Tracked system).
  14. If any adjustments are made to your quote you will be informed by email of the reasons. We cannot return items or add value at this point if you wish to send any missing parts etc to us so please check items carefully before sending.
  15. Only genuine UK age rated products will be accepted as trade-in.
  16. When Trading-in any console it must be a UK PAL version and fully working with the manufacturers guarantee security seal(s) intact. All items that are included when bought new must be present (not paperwork but controllers/TV cable/power leads/memory cards/stylus etc). Reductions will be made for any missing parts.
  17. To use our Free delivery label your trade in and the package (per label) must contain at least 2 items and be valued at over £5 in total. If either of these conditions are not met £2 may be deducted from your final trade-in or cash payment.
  18. To use the Free delivery service your Package must be scanned onto the Royal Mail systems at the Post Office. If it isn't and the Free Delivery label is still used the full postage cost will be deducted from your final cash payment or trade-in credit.
  19. Please note that there is a 5kg upper limit for parcels sent using this method. If your trade-in weighs more than 5kg please split into 2 parcels and send separately (both with a label). If your trade-in contains a console that weighs more than 5kg on its own please contact us and we will make alternative arrangements.
  20. Please view our Trade-in FAQ section for more information.